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Forex Cashback Account & Registration

Anyone who is above 18+ years old or 15+ years old under parental guidance can join.
We allow all resident members to join! But some brokers might not be. So before joining any specific brokerage service. Please view the restricted country list.
No. One user can have only one account. But can add multiple broker account with that one account.

About Rebates | Cashback On Trades

If you register to a brokerage services through our links & become our referral then for each of your trading activity, we will earn commission. Thus we share our commission up to 87.5% back to our referrals as cashback for their efforts.

You can earn VIP level cashback up to 87.5% with higher volume trades. We count trader trade volume based on his/her last 15 days cashback earnings from us.

For example if a user earned $100 cashback in last 15 days from us, then he will receive higher percentage cashback on next day.

In other words, if the user has 4 trading account added to our cashback system with 4 different brokers. Then on next day user will receive a higher percentage of earning for that 4 trading accounts. This is unique, unlike other cashback services. You deserve the honor for your trading effort!

Cashback gets calculated based on the trading volume by the trader himself/herself. For different broker the monetary value changes. More details can be found on the respective brokerage page.
Rebates get added daily. If you have traded on Monday then your cashback will get added on Tuesday. Cashback gets added on weekdays. Only in case of zerodha in cashback gets added monthly.
Individual brokerage has different structure. You can learn more on the specific brokerage page.
You will earn cashback from selected brokerage for all direction, even if you lose a trade, you still make money from us.
Yes, you can directly join the brokerage service, but if you by joining through us will give reward you the cashback. In order to earn cashback you need to be our referral, then only we can share our revenue with you. If you join brokerage service directly then unfortunately you will not receive any cashback benefits.

Withdraw Cashback | Forex Rebate

Payment request gets executed on every 1st & 15th of each month.
Payment Processor Availability Minimum Payout Maximum Payout* Processing Time Transaction Fees
Skrill Global $1.00 $10,000* 1-3 Business Days (usually in 1 business days) 1.45% or Min €0.50(EUR)
Paytm (INR) India Rs.100 Rs.5000 1-3 Business Days 2-3%
Paytm (USD to INR)** India $10 $50 1-5 Business Days 2% paytm charges + bank conversion charges based with currency conversion rate.
NEFT Bank Transfer (INR) India Rs.5000 Rs.2,00,000 4-7 Business Days Rs.2.50 upto Rs.10,000
Rs.5.00 upto Rs. 1,00,000
Rs.15.00 upto Rs.1,00,000-2,00,000
Rs.25.00 upto Rs.2,00,000
NEFT Bank Transfer(USD to INR)** India $200 $2000 4-7 Business Days (Rs.2.50+ bank conversion charges based with currency conversion rate) upto Rs.10,000
(Rs.5.00+ bank conversion charges based with currency conversion rate) upto Rs. 1,00,000
(Rs.15.00+ bank conversion charges based with currency conversion rate) upto Rs.1,00,000-2,00,000
(Rs.25.00+ bank conversion charges based with currency conversion rate) upto Rs.2,00,000
  • *Maximum Payout is the limit per transaction. If user have higher payout than $10,000 then user can split into smaller parts & request again. For example, If an user needs to withdraw $15,000 then on 1st request he/she can ask for $10,000 and then next request rest of the $5000.
  • **Indian User can get their cashback via directy with Bank NEFT or Paytm payment hassle free in INR, or can try Skrill for USD payout.
  • In case of USD to INR payout bank conversion charges will apply.
  • For Institutional trader with bigger transaction please contact us for direct brokerage account money transfer.
Only Indian's has two currency options, USD & INR. USD for receiving Forex Cashback & INR for receiving Indian Stock market Cashback. Internal conversion is not allowed but Indian user can request withdrawal in USD To INR in times of payment. Which will get automatically converted with reverse bank conversion rate & will get paid in INR. Or otherwise Indian user can use Skrill for USD payout.

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