Forex Cashback Affiliate Program

IntraQuotes Forex Cashback Referral Program CPA, Revenue Sharing

We have two types of referral scheme, one is CPA based & another is referral revenue sharing program. You can get benefit from both of them all together!

Get Paid for Per Forex Trader Registration | FAQ

IntraQuotes Cashback CPA Program Get $1.00 per referral.

How it works?

If your referred a user who registered to our cashback site & generated minimum $3.00 commission for us. Then you will be eligible for one time $1.00 fix comission from IntraQuotes.

When does the CPA commission get added to the balance?

It will get added to your balance, after 29th - 30th day of your referral registration. If you referral generates $3.00 commission for us, since his/her registration date, you will earn $1.00.

Working Example, say you referred John on 14th October. If John generates $3.00 commission for us from his trading activity with any selected broker before 14th of november. You will get $1.00 on 15th november.

Which Brokerage Service is eligible for the commission?

Currently, it works for all forex brokers except Zerodha.

Does it works with multi levels?

No, its only works for tire 1 system. If you refer A, you get paid for A. But if A refers to B. No comission gets granted.

Minimum Payout?

Minimum payout is $1.00. Check our withdrawal page for more details.

Offer Validity?

Currently its in Beta Test. Upto 31st july, 2018

Forex Rebate Referral Revenue sharing program

IntraQuotes Referral Program, affiliate.

How it works?

If Mac Refers Stan, then Mac Receives 5% of the Stan's earnings.

If Stan refers Stella & Mary, then Stan receives 5% of their earnings plus Mac also receives 1% of Stella & Mary's earnings as level 2 referral earnings.

Offer Validity?

Life Time

Referral Earning Table

For Example considering $100 income for each referrals individually per month. That means your level 1 referral earning will be $5 & level 2 referral earning will be $1 while their trading condition & cashback rebate structure remain same.

Number of Referral Level 1 Earnings/Month Level 2 Earnings/Month Total/Month
1 $5.00 $1.00 $6.00
5 $25.00 $5.00 $30.00
10 $50.00 $10.00 $60.00
20 $100.00 $20.00 $120.00
50 $250.00 $50.00 $300.00
100 $500.00 $100.00 $600.00
500 $2500.00 $500.00 $3000.00