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Convert your local currency into different major foreign currencies. Our Forex converter works automatically with the latest market rate. You will see the currency conversion value with updated recent rates. Currency calculator covers all G-10 heavily traded major currencies in the world.

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Each country has their own separate currency to exchange goods, services. When you travel abroad, you need to convert your currency into the local currency of that country. Even if when you do cross-border business, you need to exchange your local currency into the other currency. For example, if you want to buy a product from a US based company & you are from England. Then you need to convert your Pound sterling into US dollar in order to pay them. When you will pay via VISA or Master Card, your local currency will automatically get converted into the payee's local currency. This currency exchange rate keeps changing from time to time.

With our currency exchange online calculator you can view current exchange rate for that currency for recent time. With the example above, in order to convert Pound into US dollar, we need the exchange rate of GBPUSD.

If you need to pay $100 to a company. then means you with an exchange rate of GBPUSD 1.5030 (for example), you only need to pay £ 66.53 pounds.

Forex Currency Converter


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