Move Your Existing Forex Trading Account To IntraQuotes

Already Having a Forex Trading Account With Our Cashback Partners?

Are you already a pro trader? or already have a trading account with our partner brokerage services. Not to worry, cause you can always move to us. Even if you are not satisfied with your previous forex rebate service provider. You can join us with 3 simple steps & start earning daily forex cashback rebate

Please Follow The Steps to Moved to Us.

  • STEP 1 : First Register with Us
  • STEP 2 : Then Log in to your cashback account & add your trading account number from the "Add Account" option.
  • STEP 3 : Then from this page email generate template section, enter your full name, trading account number & select broker. Hit the "Go" button to generate the email template for you. Now you copy the email template, & also copy the email address where you need to send this email. Sending this email to your broker, you will actually request them to transfer your IB to IntraQuotes. In order to earn forex cashback daily.

Is it Safe for Me?

Is this moving account has anything to do with my trading?
Cashback Forex Account

Yes its absolutely safe, it has nothing to do with your personal trading account. Here moving indicates only to transfer your account affiliation to us from your existing one. Means if X has referred to you join ABC broker. Then with this method, you will just request your broker to change X to IntraQuotes. So that we can earn the commission for your trading & pay you back as cashback.

Unable to Find Your Broker Name on the List?

If you are unable to find your broker listed with the email template generator, but listed on our partner broker list. That indicates the broker doesn't support existing account transfer to new affiliates. Hence you need to open a new account from our broker list page and transfer your fund from old account to your new trading account with "Internal Fund Transfer" system by the broker.

Cashback Forex Transfer Trading Account

Generate Email Template: