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FOREX WD Gann Daily Support Resistance Levels

WD Gann Intraday Pivot Table Forex

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Quotes Name Data Center Updated Major Support Resistance
S1 S2 S3 R1 R2 R3
EURUSD Euro Vs US Dollar TickMill 2017-12-10 23:37:59 1.17098 1.16558 1.16019 1.18183 1.18727 1.19273
GBPUSD British Pound Vs US Dollar TickMill 2017-12-10 23:38:25 1.33113 1.32536 1.31961 1.34269 1.34849 1.3543
USDJPY US Dollar Vs Japanese Yen TickMill 2017-12-10 23:38:45 112.95797 112.42718 111.89765 114.02328 114.55782 115.0936
AUDUSD Australian Dollar Vs US Dollar TickMill 2017-12-10 23:37:29 0.74607 0.74176 0.73746 0.75474 0.75909 0.76345

What are Pivot Levels or Pivot Points?

Pivot levels are the pivotal points of the forex market. An area where market reacts creates tops or bottoms. This can be used for breakout trading also. An important factor day trading technical analysis.

What is Support & Resistance Level?

In the forex market technical analysis, Support Resistance levels are the levels where market reacts, stop or reverses. Also in some cases, breaks levels. Which get used for breakout trading.

What is Support Level?

In a downtrend support levels is the level where market tends to find support, price more likely to bounce or form low/bottom.

What is Resistance Level?

In an uptrend resistance levels are those trade levels where market tends to form a top or high.

Table Quotation get updated manually on each trading day, Monday To Friday Within Midnight of USA Eastern Time

Pivot calculation is based with Selected Broker Data

How To Use This Table?

In this table, the Forex Major Pairs, updated date is the day on which you need to use this support & resistance level on the intraday chart.

For example, Pick any Forex Pair(eg. EURUSD) with selected forex broker. Mark its Support & Resistance levels on the said forex broker intraday chart(1Minute,5 Minutes,15 Minutes) & trade Breakout or reversal with it. Mostly the daily tops & bottoms get formed around these pivot levels.

More details can be found on Indicator Manual

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