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IntraQuotes Forex Affiliate Program

We have Tire 2 performance based multi-level referral system for lifetime benefits. No matter you promote Forex VIP trader or new forex trader, you will get paid based on your affiliate performance. Affiliate commission gets added daily based on your promoted referrals activity. If you promoted forex traders earns a commission on a day, then you will earn commission on same day immediately. We have bi-monthly payment for all, so you will can cashback twice per month.

life time referrals revenue share with forex cashback rebate

Highest Referral Revenue

Earn upto 30% revenue share for a lifetime from your referred forex traders cashback rebate earnings. No limit on earnings!

Tire 2 Referral Commission

With Tire 2 referral system, you can earn referral commission not only from your directly promote referrals but also if he or she refer someone, you will earn 2% commission from your downline.

Two ways to make money from referrals with forex cashback rebate

How Referral Revenue Share Works?

IntraQuotes Referral Program, affiliate.

If Mac Refers Stan, then Mac Receives 30% of the Stan's earnings.

If Stan refers Stella & Mary, then Stan receives 30% of their earnings plus Mac also receives 2% of Stella & Mary's earnings as level 2 referral earnings.

Offer Validity?

Life Time

Referral Earning Table

Affiliate commissions are performance based. Means if you promote or refer good quality trader you will earn higher VIP commissions without any limit. If you promote VIP traders with trade in larger volume, you will earn more money.

Commission percentage depends on your last 15 days total affiliate commission earning. It can change based on your performance.

Commission Rate Your Past 15 days Total Affiliate Earnings
5% $0-$125
11.25% $125-$500
17.5% $500-$1000
23.75% $1000-$2000
30% above $2000

Apart from the above terms for earning the highest commission, you can contact us for more custom deals.

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